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Bitfury Blockbox: Overview

  • The BlockBox AC (Air Cooled) is a containerized datacenter for bitcoin mining that substantially shortens the time required to start mining bitcoin on a commercial scale.
  • Units are comprised of a standard 40’ High Cube freight container for ease of transportation and installation on sites with sufficient power and internet available.
  • Capacity of 1.1 MW of power supply per BlockBox.
  • Require reliable internet connection with at least 2 Mbps and maximum 70 ms latency.
  • Each unit includes 176 air-cooled mining servers that deliver a total hashrate of 7.5 PH/s from over 100,000 custom ASIC chips.

BlockBoxAC Key Benefits


BlockBox AC is based on modern hardware and software manufactured by Bitfury. The basic configuration includes 176 Bitfury B8 servers. Each server houses six hashboards, each contains 96 specialized ASIC bitcoin mining chips. Each BlockBox has over 100,000 ASIC mining chips.


The Bitfury BlockBox AC is monitored on-site and remotely using built-in software and/or a mobile app, displaying key performance indicators.


The BlockBox AC, both software and hardware components, can be easily upgraded.  The modular architecture of the Bitfury BlockBox AC and its Bitfury В8 servers allows it to keep in place more than the half of components when upgrading hardware to keep up with technology advances and ASIC chips progress.

Quick Start

It takes two days to install Bitfury BlockBox AC on a properly prepared site.  Once installed, the solution connects to the mining pool, and immediately starts to generate income.


Bitfury BlockBox AC is a full-featured, self-contained solution for bitcoin mining, delivered in a 40’ High Cube freight container.  Once installed, no further investments of time, capital, or expertise are required for the solution maintenance.


The Bitfury BlockBox AC solution is supported. Bitfury engineers and service partners ensure the equipment operates at top capacity. All solution components – from servers and their elements to power supply units and coolers – are replaceable.

Our Approach

Phase One

22 Bitcoin mining datacenters (7 operating, 15 to be delivered by June 2018) representing 24.2 MW / 165 PH/s

Phase Two

45 Bitcoin mining datacenters (10 operating, 35 to be delivered within six months) representing 49.5 MW / 338 PH/s

2018 Target

200 MW Bitcoin, 20 MW Other Cryptocurrencies. We are currently developing new chips for Altcoins.

Drumheller, Alberta Project

Drumheller, Alberta, a popular tourist destination for “Hoodoos”, or tent rocks and dinosaur bones will be home to Hut 8 Mining’s new BlockboxAC data centers. Being strategically located in Alberta where electricity costs are low due to an abundance of hydro power, as well as a year-round cool climate, allows Hut8 Mining to cut significant costs from overheated data centers. The facility will ramp up to 42 megawatts and 40 full-time staff by the end of 2018 mining crypt0currencies around the clock.

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Why Choose Alberta?

Cryptocurrency mining profitably relies on a steady supply of cost-efficient energy. Drumheller, Alberta is ideally suited for mining due to a natural cold climate and abundant, cost-efficient electricity from renewable sources like natural gas and hydro.

Quebec, Canada (Future Project)

Details coming soon.

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